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This topic might be very strange to any one who has no/very little knowledge of J2ME phones. But for those brave hearts who found this topic with the intention to create J2ME MIDlets, then you are at the right place! You might have configured Sun Wireless Toolkit on your Windows PC and struggled to set it up on your Linux system.   By the way, I chose the distro Mint specifically because of that.

  • is my primary OS.
  • “desklet” will be mentioned later.
  • found a specific issue while setting it up on it.

Notice Title

Well, I did say “Linux system”, didn’t I? It’s true; you can set it up on your Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo, etc.  

Downloading Wireless Toolkit

First, you’d have to download the Toolkit if you don’t have it.

  1. Open up your favorite browser.
  2. Search for “Sun Java Wireless Toolkit”. You’ll get to this page.
download java wireless toolkit official page

​Scroll down and click on “Download”.

download sun java wireless toolkit

​See the boxed option below? Click that.

download 32-bit java wireless toolkit

​You’ll be asked to sign in to your Oracle Account. If you don’t have it, sign up with your email. And you’re done.  

Installing Wireless Toolkit:

Before proceeding, do you have the official JDK 32-bit from Oracle (not 64-bit; even if your system is equipped with 64-bit architecture) installed on your system? If no, click this link How to install Oracle JDK on Linux Mint. Once you’ve set it up, come back and proceed below.  

Note: If you are wondering why not 64-bit for better performance? Well, because you cannot assume your device has 64-bit architecture :P. The truth is J2ME is a highly stripped down version of J2SE 1.2 only for the sake of fulfilling the need for resource-limited computing devices. Of course, you could still install the toolkit under JDK 64-bit and run it. Soon your work will be halted when you realize the toolkit fails to compile, build and run your MIDlet.   Now, you’re all set to install Sun Java Wireless Toolkit on your Mint. Browse to the directory where you’ve downloaded the toolkit (probably under ~/Downloads/), right-click and select “Open in Terminal”, then follow the images below –

install java wireless toolkit
sun java wireless tookit setup

Keep pressing ENTER until you get to this –

sun java wireless toolkit terms agreement
select where to install java wireless toolkit
select input directory for java wireless toolkit

​End of Line (EOL)!  

Running Wireless Toolkit

This will be a tedious job for you from now on since you have to keep browsing to the ~/bin directory using nemo just to run ktoolbar. Or:

cd ~/WTK2.5.2/bin/

​There are other ways to overcome that remedy. For instance, you could specify the custom execution path using the terminal; see this: Set path permanent. Otherwise, use this method of mine to create a desklet for ktoolbar.

  • Right click on your desktop wallpaper and select “Add Desklets”
  • Right click Launcher desklet>Add to desktop
  • Right click the launcher and select “Edit Launcher”
  • Follow the screenshots below to finish the rest.

​And you’re done. Click that launcher: be amazed and kiss your elbow if the toolbar logo is printed on your screen. Carry on your J2ME journey.  

Now the specific issue

Most of you might’ve set up a standard user account, and under that account, you might’ve followed my tutorial through. But if you are that guy/gal who hates to wait for (slow) MDM to load up and instead preferred to log into the default (Administrator) account on boot-up, then you might’ve run into this specific issue.


​You might’ve got this output: command not found ​

You’re in luck because that happened to me too. So here’s what you’ve got to do:




And voilá! Go back up to Running Wireless Toolkit to finish your work.  


​So that’s it. Setting up the wireless toolkit for your Mint. And yes, 0.1 in a 100% probability that someone still uses that aged phone, believe me, I still have an s40 Nokia Asha with me not because I get to experience featured apps from Gameloft but… um… uh… forget it! Well, it surely does outlive those eye-candy smartphones for a week on a full charge!

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