[Solved] Dependency Is Not satisfiable: libvpx1 Error While Installing VirtualBox In Linux Mint 18 Beta


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Linux Mint 18 Beta was recently released. Though it’s beta since its release, I have been using it without any issue. There is no crash, no stuck. Pretty stable. But, today when I tried to install VirtualBox in Linux mint, it gave me an error that the dependency not satisfied libvpx1. If you’re using Linux Mint 18 Beta then you’ll not be able to install Virtualbox or any other app if that depends on libvpx1.

How To Fix ‘Dependency is not satisfiable: libvpx1’ Error In Linux Mint 18 Beta?

dependency is not satisfiable: libvpx1 virtualbox

It looks like the above screenshot when you try to install Virtualbox in Linux Mint 18 Beta. I don’t know if they’ll add this dependency in the stable version that is going to be released next month. A similar dependency problem was in Ubuntu 15.10 but they fixed it in their next release.

To solve dependency is not satisfiable: libvpx1 error in Linux Mint, simply download the dependency clicking the button below and install it. It’s all you’ve to do.



libvpx1 is no longer available to download.

After you’ve installed libvpx1 for your particular system architecture, now install VirtualBox. It’ll install without any issue.

install virtualbox in linux mint 18