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Steam To Drop Support For Ubuntu 19.10

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution and that’s why it gets the attention of big companies like steam to design software for it. But recently, Linux community is kind of unhappy over Canonical decision on dropping Ubuntu 32-bit packages.

The community already discussed that in case Ubuntu drops 32-bit packages support in upcoming Ubuntu 19.10 or future releases, it’d create big problems including Wine users and Linux gamers. And here comes the first news from Steam, the gaming platform.

Pierre-Loup Griffais from Valve tweeted that Ubuntu 19.10 or any future Ubuntu releases will not be officially supported by Steam. He also said that the team will work on to minimize the breakage for existing users and thinking to focus on any other Linux distribution.

The tweet came out on 21st June and on 23rd June vorlon Langasek of Ubuntu posted in Ubuntu discourse clarifying that there is a misunderstanding in the community regarding 32-bit packages being dropped. He said the community is dropping updates to 32-bit libraries. He also said the team will work for the 32-bit applications including games, continue working in Ubuntu 19.10 and later releases.

I’m sorry that we’ve given anyone the impression that we are “dropping support for i386 applications”. That’s simply not the case. What we are dropping is updates to the i386 libraries, which will be frozen at the 18.04 LTS versions. But there is every intention to ensure that there is a clear story for how i386 applications(including games) can be run on versions of Ubuntu later than 19.10.

vorlon on Ubuntu discourse


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