Trigger 3D Rally Race Game Review


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Trigger 3D Rally Race Game Review

Trigger 3D rally race game is a fun game for families with time limits on every event. A user has to finish the lap of an event within the stipulated time while at the same time enjoy the environment driving through a forest, on a canyon, and off road too.

Trigger 3D Rally Race Installation

​To install trigger 3D rally racing game, launch the terminal and enter this command –
sudo apt install trigger-rally
​Or you could launch the software manager and install the game by browsing for it.


​Here are some of the screenshots playing the game –
trigger 3d rally linux screenshots

trigger 3d rally game review

trigger rally play in linux

some trigger 3d screenshots

play trigger rally game in linux

​The physics of the game is good though a bit let-off because at certain times you’ll feel and notice the vehicle acts funny. In the case of Mitsubishi, as being too light though heavily customized and there’s a scene when your car flips due to rash driving, the camera rotates at different angles in slow motion. I suggest you keep your eye on the speed! Otherwise, that fancy flying-in-the-air will cost you time — tick tock.

And the kudos

​Trigger 3D rally racing game doesn’t need intense graphic rendering and will suit fine on older computers too. Has nice sound effects, no accident damages and pretty much just makes it a good game.

Game difficulty

​Most of the events are easy while some of the events are wrist pain and a side note; we can cheat! So that makes 90% of the events EASY. What? Don’t bother, the game is what it is: “Reach the checkpoint before the time runs out”. So you have this below –
trigger 3d rally shortcuts

Game handling

​The game handling is pretty much easy considering you slept well at night or are not too stressed out. Otherwise, the fun is ruined due to lack of focus and it’s 3D so get ready to have some mild headache in case you still want to proceed against my advice. Moreover, I’ve noticed the game to be more suited to the mouse for steering but it’s a bit convoluted because of the keyboard mapping.

Game mode

​You have two modes “Window” and “Full screen”. That, however, you cannot configure it within the game and there’s no configuration option as you launch the game
trigger 3d rally menu

​However, a config file is generated called trigger.config, the first time you run the game. To edit it, open up your terminal program and execute this command
nano -x .trigger/trigger.config
edit trigger 3d rally config file

​Scroll down to this line fullscreen=”no”​Change no to yes and save the file by pressing this key combination ctrl+o and press Enter key. To exit press ctrl+x.

Launch the game and you’ll notice it has switched to full-screen mode. Again you can re-edit the configuration file to switch it back to window mode.

Finally game assistance

​You may need some assistance from the computer playing trigger rally 3D game due to harsh environment depiction, where you lose control and begins to skid, slide, and skid over again and again before reaching the next turn! Launch the configuration file and scourge down for this line drivingassist=”0.17”. Change that value to 0.5 which works kinda suitable to me.Note that you cannot assume the computer would do the whole driving thing for you by the changing value to either 100 or 10! 1.0 sucks too. However, be wise and choose a proper value that suits your skill.


​Well, I’ve stock it all up, the goods and the bads but if you are just that guy who loves cars (with some realism) then this game is the right one for you. Or you could play this game with your friends and families in turns and see who does the best: with skill or by cunningness! Otherwise, if you want a racing game that’s kid friendly or kiddish Super tux cart is also a recommended game. Have fun!