TuxCut - A Tool To Protect Linux Against arpspoof Attacks


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TuxCut is an open source program that protects Linux computers against arpspoof attacks and also helps to block unwanted users on the network. Tuxcut is an alternative of Windows tool NetCut which is used for the same purpose of blocking unwanted users from the network. It is written in Python/Qt4 using PySide binding.

TuxCut Features At A Glance

  • Change the MAC address for your network adapter.
  • It can change Mac address(Mac Spoofing) to avoid blocking on a network.
  • Provide protection against Netcut attacks.
  • You can monitor the number of devices connected to the network.
  • You can use speed limiter to control the speed of uploading and downloading.

TuxCut Dependencies

Here are few dependencies to be resolved before running TuxCut.1. Python
2. Dnsniff
3. Arptables
4. Pyside
5. WonderSharper1. Python
2. Dnsniff
3. Arptables
4. Pyside
5. WonderSharper
$ sudo apt-get install arp-scan dsniff arptables

TuxCut Installation

The official website is down but I found the source code in the Fedora repository. So we’ll use that code to run TuxCut in Linux.

How To Use TuxCut?

The source file can be extracted by archive mounter or by this command –
$ tar -xf tuxcut-5.1-src.tar.gz
Then execute

run tuxcut in ubuntu

./tucxut or execute it directly. This will ask for root password to work. After that, a screen will pop up which will ask you about your network interface. Select your network interface so Tuxcut can work.

tuxcut network interface

After that, you will see a new box

tuxcut network interface

This is Tuxcut which will show your mac address, router ip, and mac address and also have options to block the Internet of other users. It has a protection mode which protects against arp attacks from tools such as netcut. Other users can be displayed if protection mode is not enabled.

tuxcut network desktop

You can block any user by selecting that user and click on cut option. You have option to resume the internet of other users by choosing resume.


Tuxcut is a great tool to protect yourself on a local network from other people. It provides protection from netcut and ghost-phisher. It has also limitations such as during protection mode you cannot block other users. Some times during changing mac address it does not work properly. It does not show hostnames like netcut. But still, it is a good tool for Linux users to avoid be get blocked on the network.