Ubuntu 22.10 Codename & Release date


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Following the release of Ubuntu LTS a few days ago, the next Ubuntu release, Ubuntu 22.10, is now open for development. Kinetic Kudu has been confirmed as the codename for Ubuntu 22.10.

We’re pleased to announce that kinetic is now open for development. auto-sync has been enabled and will run soon.

Brian Murray from Ubuntu

What’s Kinetic Kudu?

Kinetic implies “of or produced by movement.” Most of us have probably studied Kinetic word in physics and chemistry. I believe the purpose of Kinetic in the codename represents a movement in the next Ubuntu versions. The operating system changes a lot from release to release, and the next distro may bring some significant changes.


The second word in the codename, Kudu, refers to a type of antelope found in southern African wildlife reserves. The mammal is distinguished by two spiral horns and white stripes on its body. The name Kudu comes from the sound it makes while it runs.

Kinetic Kudu, then, is a Kudu in motion.

Ubuntu 22.10 Release date

The Ubuntu 22.10 release milestone has been revealed on Ubuntu Discourse. The first Feature Freeze will take place on August 25th, this year. Following the Feature Freeze, developers cease the introduction of new features and packages. Instead, they concentrate on bug fixes.

The next milestone, User Interface Freeze, will take place on September 15th, preventing changes to the user interface from being made without the release team’s permission.

The Kernel Freeze, which is a deadline for kernel updates, will take place on October 6th. FinalFreeze will take place on October 13th, and it is regarded a “EXTREMELY intense” period until the final release. Finally, Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu will be released on October 20.