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Ubuntu Budgie is an official Ubuntu flavour. Budgie derives its name from the Budgie Desktop environment, which it employs. Ubuntu Budgie, which debuted as an unauthorised Ubuntu flavour in 2016, was quickly embraced by Ubuntu, which released Ubuntu Budgie 17.04 as the first official Ubuntu flavour in 2017. In this article, I’ll go over the main features of Ubuntu Budgie as well as who and why people should use it.

Keep reading if you’ve ever wondered why there are so many Ubuntu flavours, and why each one claims to be unique yet employing the same underlying operating system. In this post, I will describe why Ubuntu has become so popular that other communities have begun to emulate it or base their ideas on it.

Ubuntu flavors

Let’s start with Ubuntu flavours. Why are there so many different Ubuntu flavours?

Ubuntu isn’t your ordinary operating system. It is the most common server operating system. Canonical’s Ubuntu is often powers web servers, and Canonical provides commercial support to its paid clients. Although the operating system is fully free, premium support is available by subscribing to its premium services.

Ubuntu is used by thousands of well-known firms, including Reddit, Netflix, Slack, Snapchat, and many others. It is also simple to combine with a wide range of third-party services.

Ubuntu has progressed by providing constant updates and support. Canonical releases a new version every six months. It becomes a fantastic answer for putting one’s own ideas into action with an enterprise-level operating system like Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a free and open source operating system. Anyone with an idea is invited to download the code, modify it, and distribute it to their own group. As a result, the majority of operating systems are based on Ubuntu.

When Ubuntu discovers that a particular flavour brings value to the community, such as Ubuntu Budgie, it adopts it. There are currently seven official Ubuntu flavours, if we count correctly. Each of them has a distinct interface that caters to a specific group of users.

Ubuntu Budgie

By using the Budgie desktop environment, Ubuntu Budgie adds its own flavour to the operating system. Solus project creates and maintains the Budgie desktop environment. Ubuntu Budgie’s goal is to create Ubuntu for people who like traditional-looking interfaces to operate on their basic to modern desktop or laptop computer.

Ubuntu Budgie Desktop
Ubuntu Budgie Desktop

Developers of Ubuntu Budgie do not target obsolete hardware. It can be used on older systems, although the experience may be choppy. Applications that come pre-installed on Ubuntu Bugide are chosen for their functionality rather than their lightweight.

Pre-installed applications on Ubuntu Budgie

The applications we need to do basic tasks are pre-installed on Ubuntu Budgie. Firefox for web browsing, LibreOffice for office suites, Nemo file manager, Thunderbird email client, video and audio player, and a variety of other essential apps are all available. If you can’t find the app you want, use GNOME Software to install it right now.

Aside from the aforementioned third-party software, the Ubuntu Budgie team has developed specialised tools for maintaining and modifying the operating system. When you launch Ubuntu Budgie, Budgie Welcome will walk you through the process of learning about the system, installing apps, upgrading the system, installing or changing drivers, and changing the theme.

Budgie Desktop Extras

Widgets provide more functionality to your computer to make your life easier. Budgie desktop extras provide you access to a variety of useful add-ons that may improve the distro’s functionality. You can, for example, install a file manager widget to open any file or folder without ever having to open the manager Nemo, or a weather report widget to check the weather right from the desktop.

Budgie desktop extras
Budgie desktop extras

Change Themes & Layout

Budgie themes & layout utility allows changing desktop layout and theme easily without any additional tool. Open it from the Budgie welcome and select the preferred system layout and theme.


Budgie Recommendations is another excellent tool for quickly installing important tools. It is only a click away to install the Dropbox client or Flatpak support. At the moment, Recommendations lists seven handy ways to set up file sharing immediately, install Dropbox, Nemo share and Nemo preview.


There is no need to browse the Internet for post-installation instructions after installing Ubuntu Budgie. Budgie Welcome, an app created by Ubuntu Budgie, has successfully combined all necessary functions into a single app. Because of this approach, this distribution is also a suitable choice for beginning Linux users. After all of your efforts, it is inevitable that you will encounter problems while using third-party applications or services; however, there is no need to worry because Budgie Welcome also provides a link to the Budgie discourse community where you can ask questions and the community will assist you.

Download Ubuntu Budgie

Ubuntu Budgie is suitable for modern desktop users that require a traditional desktop environment to do things quickly. Budgie’s in-house tools are highly helpful in customising the distribution based on the user’s specific preferences. Because Ubuntu Budgie is an official flavour of Ubuntu, its releases are timed to coincide with Ubuntu’s. Ubuntu Budgie 21.10 is the most recent release.

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