VidCutter - Linux Video Cutting Or Trimming App


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Vidcutter is a Linux video trimmer app that lets you split any video into pieces easily. Let’s say you’re a Meme maker, it can help save you a ton of time getting your favorite clips out of a movie.

Install Vidcutter in Linux

​VidCutter is available for all major operating systems including Linux. On Linux, Vidcutter flatpak and snap both are available. Source code is available at github.

Install Vidcutter flatpak

$ flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub (to enable the flathub repo if not already) 

$ flatpak install flathub com.ozmartians.VidCutter $ flatpak run com.ozmartians.VidCutter

Install Vidcutter snap

$ snap install vidcutter

How to trim Video in Vidcutter

​Using Vidcutter is extremely easy. Like any other video editor, first, open the video file by clicking the ‘Open media’ button from the bottom of the app.

vidcutter open video file linux

​Vidcutter will load the video file. You can play your video by clicking ‘Play media’ button. Pause the video from where you wish to cut the video and select ‘Start clip’.

vidcutter linux video splitter

​Now play the video and pause where you want to end your video clip. Select ‘End clip’ to mark the ending of the clip.

linux video splitter

​You can also toggle ‘SmartCut‘ on or off. It’ll enable or disable frame accurate cutting. If you are working with a 4K video, then you should check ‘Enable use of PBOs’ (Settings > Video)  to improve performance. Note that only check this option with 4K video otherwise it’ll slow the performance.

vidcutter 4k video splitter

In the right sidebar, you can see the clip details such as start time, end time and total length of the clip.​When you are ready to start the splitting process, click ‘Save media’. The process will start and your video clip will be ready soon.

Video filter

​The only filter available in VidCutter is BLACKDETECT. It detects and skips ads and scene transitions from the video clip.

vidcutter filters

Remove audio from video clip

​If you want to remove audio from your clip, you can uncheck audio from Media streams. After unchecking audio from media streams, it will give you a warning – the produced video clip will have no audio. Just click yes to proceed.

linux remove audio from video


​If you are working at night, then you can switch to the dark theme. Go to Settings > theme and select ‘Dark’. You will be asked to restart the app to switch theme.

vidcutter theme

Keyboard shortcuts

​To work faster, you can learn Vidcutter keyboard shortcuts.

vidcutter keyboard shortcuts