Vivaldi 6.0 -- With Custom Icons & Workspaces


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The release of Vivaldi 6.0 has brought exciting new features that will change how users browse the internet. With customizable themes and workspaces, Vivaldi continues to provide a powerful and personal browsing experience that differentiates it from other browsers.

Custom Icons and Themes

Vivaldi custom icons

With Vivaldi’s built-in theming tools, users can easily customize the colors and backgrounds of their browser. But now, with the addition of custom icons, they can take personalization to the next level. Themes with custom icons allow to restyle Vivaldi completely, including toolbar layouts and even the reload and back buttons.

Custom themes

In the Themes Gallery, Vivaldi provides a variety of pre-made themes with custom icons, from minimalist designs to Win 95-inspired looks. But with the Theme Editor, one can also create own themes and icon sets, making Vivaldi truly unique to themselves.


My favorite feature of Vivaldi is now Workspaces. I usually work on multiple monitors and may have to open 15-20 tabs in one browser window. It gets difficult to work when tabs start getting smaller. In that case, I have to open multiple browser windows.

Vivaldi’s unique tab management tools have always been a standout feature, and now with the addition of workspaces, managing tabs is much easier. Workspaces allow organizing tabs by category into separate workspaces, each with its own purpose.

Video source – vivaldi’s Youtube channel

So whether the user is working on a project or browsing social media, they can easily switch between different workspaces and keep their workflow organized.

Tab Stacks and Tab Tiling

Desktop Tab Stack Option
Desktop Tab Stack Option

Tab Stacks, Vivaldi’s tab grouping feature, is also available within workspaces. This allows you to group related tabs together, while keeping them separate from tabs in other workspaces. Vivaldi’s Tab Tiling feature lets you view multiple tabs side-by-side, making multitasking even easier.

Personalization and Productivity

Combining customizable themes and workspaces make Vivaldi a truly unique browsing experience. Personalizing your browser with custom icons and themes allows you to create an online space that reflects your personality and interests. And with workspaces and tab management tools, users can stay organized and focused on the task at hand.

Overall, Vivaldi 6.0 is a major update that further cements Vivaldi’s place as a browser that is both powerful and personal. Vivaldi is the browser for you if you’re looking for a browsing experience tailored to your needs and preferences.