Vivaldi Internet Browser Continues To Grow With 1.6 Release


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So the browser wars continue. What is the best browser available for your Linux desktop? Mozilla Firefox continues to be the default web browser for the most Linux distros but you could always choose Google Chrome which is the most popular browser around. Notwithstanding these, there are a couple of other web browsers which continue to make a point why you should choose them. One of these browsers is Vivaldi.

Vivaldi 1.6  version was released not long ago with quite a handful of features and improvements. Let’s take a look at how this browser continues to warm its way into my heart.    

The latest iteration comes with a ton of improvements and features. Let’s take a look at the major additions in this new version.  

1. Page Title Tab notifications

Tab notifications have been introduced in Vivaldi 1.6 and this is the first browser to offer this feature. With Tab Notifications, you will know which of your tabs have new content waiting for you. These notifications will be in the form of overlay icons on the tabs for stuff like new emails or messages. The notifications will be shown regardless of whether the tab is pinned or just a regular tab. ​

vivaldi browser notifications in tab

2. Tab selections made easier

So Tab selection has been made easy with Vivaldi 1.6. If you happen to have a lot of tabs open, you can easily select all the tabs coming from a particular domain all at once with this new feature. With the new improvements, you can simply hold CTRL and double-clicking on one of those tabs. All tabs from that domain will be selected for bookmarking, stacking, tiling or even closing. Interesting & useful! 

tab selections made easier

3. Cut the URL via Ctrl mouse click

The next feature in this build is the ‘Cut the URL via Ctrl mouse click’ This allows you to cut the end off a URL by holding Ctrl when clicking on a word within the URL. This makes it very easy to move upwards through a directory structure on a website. It is still work in progress but can be quite useful.  

4. Rename Tab Stacks

Another major introduction is the ability to rename Tab stacks. This may sound trivial or simple but no, this can be quite handy when you want to group sites with similar contents, say sports or news. To rename a group stack, you first have to enable the option to “Allow Tab Stack Renaming” in your Settings. Then you can simply right-click on a tab stack and select “Rename Tab” and then go ahead to enter your new name for the tab stack.

rename tab stacks

Download Vivaldi

  Download 32-bit .deb     Download 64-bit .deb  
  Download 32-bit .rpm     Download .64-bit .rpm  


In conclusion, with the addition of more features and attention details, Vivaldi is clearly shaping out to be the browser for power users. There are also a few bells and whistles too in the cosmetic side.

The last time I tested Vivaldi was before version 1 and at the current version 1.6, I must say the improvement is quite huge and evidential, Vivaldi is probably going to be my favorite browser in a few iterations. Kudos to the developers, I know it’s a small team. But the best part I like about this team is that it’s working on bringing unique features to the web browser. So thanks! And keep up!​What do you think of the Vivaldi browser? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.