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WordPress 6.0 Soon To Be Released With these new Features

WordPress has undergone several significant modifications in the recent year, thanks to the efforts of developers. WordPress 6.0, which will be released soon, will take the same approach, delivering numerous useful additions and significant enhancements to the WordPress core.

WordPress 6.0 will be available on May 24. They have already released three beta versions of the next release, giving us a good idea of what will be new in WordPress 6.0.

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What’s New In WordPress 6.0

It’s been a lot of fun to format WordPress sites in any desired format with the newly available complete site editor.

The next WordPress 6.0 will focus on upgrading the whole site editor, allowing users to customise any aspect of the site in any way.

WordPress 6.0 full site editor
WordPress full site editor

Switch Style

WordPress 6.0 new Style Switcher
WordPress Style Switcher

The new style switcher completely changes the look of the site with a single click. The four styles are included by default; to add a new one, simply add a json file with the required colouring and fonts to themes/twentytwentytwo/styles/.

New Templates

Edit more templates
Edit more templates

We could only customise basic templates in WordPress 5.9, but now we can add and modify more templates such as Author page, Category, Date, Tag, and Taxonomy.

It allows users to simply change the styling of certain portions of the website. That’s not everything. In WordPress 6.0, a new block called ‘Comments Query Loop’ has been added. Let’s see how it looks and functions.

Comment Query Loop block

The new Comments Query Loop block, as the name implies, allows users to alter the area of the page where post comments appear in loop.

Comments Query Loop block in WordPress 6.0
Comments Query Loop block

Users can customise comments font appearance, colors, and background.

Edit comments styling
Edit comments styling

Set featured image as cover block

Take note of how many websites use the article title as the page’s cover and the featured image as the cover background. It’s now possible with the upcoming release.

The new cover block setting allows you to make the featured image of a page or post the background of the cover block. Watch it in action.

set featured image as cover background
set featured image as cover background

Here is how it’d look like after setting featured image of any post or page.

featured image as cover background
featured image as cover background

Cross block editing

Cross block editing
Cross block editing

Small but useful tweak to edit content across blocks. Simply select the text from multiple blocks and edit it.

Lock Blocks

Blocks locking is being added to prevent content from being updated or destroyed by accident.

WordPress 6.0 block locking
WordPress . block locking

Users can select what should be locked, block movement, removal or both.

Block locking options in WordPress 6.0
Block locking options

Group block enhancements

There are some intriguing options in the group block. It is now able to change the border of a single block within a group. Users can also choose between row and stack group block layouts.

Group block layouts
Group block layouts

Now group block also block gap support. Users can apply equal gap between different blocks to clean the design.

Improved Pattern support

It is one of my favourite features that WordPress has ever introduced. We may now create blocks and distribute them to all WordPress users using the WordPress pattern repository. WordPress Pattern directory is  now open for accepting patterns.

To use a specific pattern from the WordPress pattern directory or repository, open it in a browser, copy the slug, and paste it into your theme’s  theme.json file in the following format —

"patterns": ["pattern-slug-1", "pattern-slug-2", ...],

Save the file. Now the block(s) is available in the site editor.

copy pattern slug
copy pattern slug
add patterns to wordpress sites
add patterns to wordpress sites
footer pattern
footer pattern

These are some of the most significant visual features and changes in WordPress 6.0. There are many more new features in the WordPress core that will make it easier to design WordPress themes and plugins.

If all goes as planned, WordPress 6.0 will be available on May 23, 2022. If you wish to assist developers in testing WordPress 6.0, you can install the beta 3 that was released a few days ago and report bugs.

To upgrade to Beta 3, install WordPress and use the WordPress Beta Tester plugin. Please do not use the Beta version on live sites.


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