Zorin OS 15 Lite - The Best Replacement For Windows 7


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Zorin OS 15 was released in September with several new features and improvements. Yesterday Zorin team released Zorin OS 15 lite. The lite version is for the revival of old computers.

The distro keeps getting new features in each update, but this time the work done in making the XFCE desktop environment look beautiful is really appreciatable.

For most of my life, I have heard Windows users saying how beautiful Windows 7 is. Now Windows 7 is going to reach its end of life next year, 2020, all users should think about moving to another beautiful and, more importantly, more secure operating system. Any Linux distribution can fill the gap, but if the design and look matters to you, there is no better place to start than Zorin OS 15.

The best is that all Linux distros are more secure and respect privacy. None of your information is being shared with third-party services while you’re using your computer.

Of course, you will also need to choose a web browser that respects your privacy, such as Firefox or Midori, a lightweight and open-source web browser.

What’s New In Zorin OS 15 Lite

New Look & Feel

The default theme of ZorinOS is Light Blue, but in ZorinOS 15, there are new themes. 6 new themes are both light and dark.

You can also set to switch a desktop theme according to the time of day. If the auto option is set, the theme will automatically change to dark at night and light during the daytime.

ZorinOS Auto change theme
Zorin OS Auto change theme

Flatpak Support

The lite version of Zorin comes only with the necessary applications, but there are thousands of apps for every need in the Software store if you need more. Besides traditional packages, Zorin supports flatpak out of the box. Users can add the Flathub repository, and we can install all applications from the repository from the software store.

ZorinOS Software center
Zorin OS Software center

Do not disturb mode

Small but very important for people who want to get rid of notifications while preparing for the next Mars mission! Do not disturb mode can be activated from the bottom right corner by clicking on the bell icon.

Zorin do not disturb mode
Zorin do not disturb mode.

Updated apps & Linux Kernel 5.0

Besides all the changes & new features in ZorinOS 15 lite, all the applications have been updated to their latest versions. Also, it’s based on Linux kernel 5.0 that supports more hardware, contains security and performance enhancements out of the box.

Download ZorinOS 15 Lite

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