WordPress 101

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

Welcome back to WordPress 101 series. In this 4th part of the series, we’ll learn about WordPress plugins,…

Feb 8, 20213 min read
WordPress themes

WordPress Themes | WordPress 101

Welcome back to WordPress 101 series. If you are new to WordPress, follow our series WordPress 101 from…

Jan 26, 20215 min read


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Find the difference between an embedded software engineer and a software developer to learn the most effective way to build your product. This article outlines six core differences between embedded and software engineers and comprehensively describes each.   We also review software development and embedded software engineering in detail. You’ll learn what are the types of software and why embedded software development differs from regular software development.  Besides, we address the…

How to Change the Timezone in Linux

How to Change the Timezone in Linux 

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This article will explain how to change the time zone on your Linux system. It might seem like a small detail, but it’s crucial for keeping your computer’s clock accurate.…


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When you try to access information from a website, the browser connects with the server and requests data. Cyber attackers can execute man-in-the-middle attacks and access information if your server…

Lenovo Laptops With Black Screens Common Causes and Quick Solutions

Lenovo Laptops With Black Screens: Common Causes and Quick Solutions

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Are you experiencing a black screen issue with your Lenovo laptop? Frustrating. Well, you’re not alone. Many Lenovo laptop or other manufacturer laptop users have encountered this problem, and understanding…