WordPress 101

WordPress Dashboard settings

WordPress Dashboard & Settings Page | WordPress 101

WordPress dashboard is an important page for website administrators. In this article of the WordPress 101 series, we…

Nov 5, 20204 min read
Google Analytics Statcounter

Add Google Analytics On WordPress | WordPress 101

Welcome to the WordPress 101 series. We’ve already learnt how to install a new WordPress theme, plugins, configure…

Sep 29, 20217 min read


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Setting Up a GatsbyJS Project [Part 2]

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In the previous article, we introduced you to GatsbyJS and explained why you might want to use it for your web development projects. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into setting up a GatsbyJS project step-by-step. How to Set up Gatsby JS ProjectStep 1: Install Node.js and npm Step 2: Install the Gatsby CLI Step 3: Create a New GatsbyJS Project Step 4: Navigate to the Project DirectoryStep 5: Start…

How to ping on discord

Discord Pings: How to Ping on Discord

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GatsbyJS – Build Blazing Fast Websites [Part 1]

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In the world of web development, there is a continuous search for tools and frameworks that can make the development process more efficient and the final product better. One such…

Ubuntu Studio Lunar Lobster

Ubuntu Studio 23.04 “Lunar Lobster”: The Multimedia Production Platform

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Are you a multimedia professional tired of using different tools for different purposes? Do you want a single platform that can handle audio, video, graphics, and more? Look no further…