Krita - Creative Sketching And  Painting Application For Linux


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Krita Creative Sketching and Painting Application

​We all love paintings. Paintings are a sort of art that are mystically beautiful, exploring and blazing. Nowadays on Linux, there are many powerful applications that are available for painting and drawing purposes but Krita is one of them that stands out of everything.
Krita is digital painting application which is distributed under GNU General Public License V 2 and above. As defined on its website: – Krita is a KDE program for sketching and painting, offering an end-to-end solution for creating digital painting files from scratch by masters.Krita is a high-end customization drawn application in which every bit of look and feel can be easily customized. Krita can create and save images in a wide range of formats. Krita not only works on PC but also support touch screen and a variety of OS.

Krita mascot is a squirrel known as Kiki. You will find her on the website of Krita.


​Below are some of the awesome paintings created by using Krita.
mother and doughter painting created by Krita

a warrior painting sketched with Krita

​These images say enough about the power of Krita. I know now you will be willing to know that how to use Krita on your favorite Linux distro then here is the installation guide below.

How To Install Krita In Linux?

​Now scroll down and you will find the option to download the app image of Krita. According to me, this is the far easiest way to download and use Krita.Download the 64-bit image file and mark it as executable and run.

downlaod krita for your linux mint

​Voila, Krita is now starting. Below is the image of the screen you will see when Krita loads.
krita is loading in linux mint

Krita has now started. Here is the welcome screen.
use krita in linux mint

​Krita is really simple, basic and easy to use application. You can carry the app image file and run it almost in any Linux distro. Not only it supports wide operating systems it also works smooth and fast. Almost simple to use you can draw your imagination with Krita. If GIMP is the best image editor of Linux distros then certainly Krita is the best image maker of Linux distros.


Krita is perfect. There is nothing that kind of hype of showing off that is way too much powerful by making its interface a mess. Just like Microsoft paint, Krita is same useful for kids as it is useful for professionals.I love Krita very much. I am really going to have it on my PC so that I can try to draw something good. (Who knows what I may draw). So I would like to hear and see about your experience with Krita. Did you do something cool? Let me see it now. Share your experiences of Krita in the comment section below, I am waiting.