Stacer An Alternative To CCleaner And Bleachbit On Linux


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Stacer An Alternative To CCleaner And Bleachbit On Linux

​See what I stumbled upon, a good looking open-source system optimizer for Linux called Stacer. And after using it for a while, it’s become one of my must-have apps on all my Linux desktops. So Stacer is like CCleaner for Linux. Previously, I have used Bleachbit on Ubuntu but then I found Stacer and I am not looking back. Stacer is developed on electron and once again it’s just pretty. The app is organized into 5 sections; the Dashboard, System Cleaner, Startup Apps, Services and Uninstaller. Let’s look at them one by one.

Stacer An Alternative To CCleaner And Bleachbit On Linux


​The Dashboard gives an overview of your system’s performance. It provides information like CPU usage in percentages, Memory Usage, and Disk Usage all in colorful semi-pie chart graph formats. There is also information on the system’s network usage showing download and upload speeds. You are also presented with a brief summary of your system information. Things like PC name, platform, Linux distro, installed RAM, CPU model, speed, and CPU cores.
stacer dashboard

System Cleaner

​The second section is the System Cleaner, and it is the main ‘Cleaner’ or ‘Bleachbit’ section of Stacer. Over here, you can scan the system for Apt cache, crash reports, system logs and App cache that will be lingering on your system. After scanning, you have the option of cleaning the logs or files you do not need from the system. Let me caution you on what you clean from here, especially the app cache as these can cause some of your applications to misbehave or you may lose some work.
stacer system cleaner

Startup Apps

​In the Startup Apps section, you are provided with the option of disabling or allowing an application to start during bootup. Just toggle off what you don’t want to load at startup and they will thus be prevented from loading while the others will continue to load at startup.
stacer system startup apps settings


​The services section works much like the Startup Apps section. You can easily turn on or turn off system services that may be running or not. Things like Bluetooth, network and other daemons. Again let me caution against turning off essential services as this can badly impact on your system’s performance and stability.
stacer system services


​Uninstaller does exactly what the name suggests. It allows you to uninstall applications from your system. There is search option that allows you to search for the application you want or you could scroll through to find what you want. After getting to the application you wish to remove, you can go ahead to uninstall it by clicking on the trash icon that will on the right. And once again let me caution against uninstalling applications you are not sure about as this can lead to instability of your system.
stacer uninstaller


​Stacer does exactly what it sets out to do without complexities. It is pretty and blends it quite well with my elementary desktop. Do you want to try Stacer for yourself, you can grab it from here. Have you tried Stacer or any other system optimizer? Share your thoughts and comments with us in the section below.