Ubuntu 20.04 "Focal Fossa" LTS Available To Download


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The most awaited Linux distribution of the year, Ubuntu 20.04 “Focal Fossa” stable has been made available to download. Ubuntu 20.04 is an LTS release which means it’ll receive maintenance updates for 5 years until April 2025. Ubuntu flavors will be supported for 3 years.

We recently covered the improvements and new features it’s going to have in this article.

In brief, Ubuntu 20.04 “LTS” has both visual and core changes. The biggest visual changes include the redesigned Yaru theme that now supports Dark mode.

Focal Fossa is based on Linux Kernel 5.4 that supports new hardware, built-in support for Wireguard VPN, exFAT filesystem support, ZFS filesystem support with native encryption and more. For a detailed article, head over to what’s new in Ubuntu 20.04 “Focal Fossa”.

Download Ubuntu 20.04 “Focal Fossa”

ISO images can be downloaded from the official website. For torrents, head over to this page.

Make Ubuntu bootable USB

In order to install Ubuntu 20.04, you will need to make a bootable USB stick. For making a bootable USB, you can read the following articles –

Make bootable USB on Windows – Make bootable USB on Windows

Make bootable USB on Linux – Make bootable USB on Linux (command-line), Make bootable USB on Linux (GUI)

Before installing it, you can take a test drive by booting into Live mode throgh USB. It will let you use the entire operating system before installation.

Upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 “Focal Fossa”

Upgrade to Ubuntu . Focal Fossa
Upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa

If you are already using Ubuntu 18.04 or 16.04, you can upgrade to 20.04, without going to through the above installation process. Read the following article for upgrading to Ubuntu 20.04.

How to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 “Focal Fossa”

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